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3 Ways Signage Can Boost Your Company's Presence

May 2021 – The Specifics of Materials and Mediums for Effective Messaging

When it comes to effectively branding your business along the Wasatch Front, it can be challenging to know where to start. What demographic are you looking to appeal to? What message are you wanting to convey? Where should you display your message? How should you display your message? Where do you even start? While the questions and options surrounding branding may feel overwhelming, we’re here to help break it down. Each month, we’ll introduce a new topic regarding ways to boost your company’s presence and get people through the door. Read on to discover this month’s topic on the significance of signage mediums and materials.

Whether your business runs on wheels or has multiple locations to visit, there are a number of mediums that can be used to get your message out there. Consider first where signage is needed. Is your business sponsoring an event along Historic 25th Street? If so, durable materials such as scrim vinyl, polypropylene banners, or silicone edge graphics may work best. These plastic-like materials are cost-effective, lightweight, and heavy duty, providing high visibility both indoors and out while providing a professional look to consumers.

What if your business relies on mobility and roadside visibility? Vehicle wraps, yard signs, and directional postings towards your flagship base are just the thing when working remotely around the Ogden region. Coroplast corrugated yard signs can be recycled and are a cheap way to advertise your business, while a vehicle wrap provides a much more forgiving medium to bring your business around town while allowing you the option to alter the design without having to strip a vehicle of its paint job. From Ogden to Salt Lake City and beyond, high-mobility mediums such as these are a great way to spread the word of your business.

If your business relies mainly on foot traffic and vehicular passersby, A-frame signs, etched glass, vinyl decals, and pole signs are all solid choices in catching their eye and getting them through your door. An A-frame sign, colloquially known as a sandwich board, allows you to bring the sign in when needed and alter or move the sign quickly when needed. Etched glass and vinyl decals can be done in place of window paints and markers, giving you a sharp edge on laser-cut graphics, and with none of the residual clean-up of a messy window. If your business sits in a well-lit part of O-Town, utilizing any lamp posts for pole signs gives a vantage point for those passing in their vehicles without the need for pricey billboard space.

While these are just a few options that provide a voice to your company’s message, there are a plethora of options to accommodate exactly what your brand is needing. Whether your vision is ready for fruition or you’re just starting out, consulting with a signage professional and seeing what will fit your needs best is what the folks here at Ogden Signs are prepared to do. We’ve got you covered!

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